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Shiva and Shakti are manifestation of the all-in-one divine consciousness - different sides of the same coin.In many picyures  these two primal powers are each depicted as being one half of the same image , one side female and one side male . The Left Side is the Divine Mother Parvati , The "Feminine" energy , and the right side represents Shiva , The "Masculine" consciousness.

We can make you stronger and more flexible . We help you to stay limber and energetic . You'll also feel more focused and alert and we can help you deel great & function better in your daily life

Learn Yoga Postures , asanas , breathing exercise & meditation .

Help you to Understand Yourself Spirituality.

Develop a holistic outlook on life & your surroundings.

Refreshes , Detoxifies , Cleanses & Nourishes you inside out.


Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga can help to improve the following conditions

Our Programs

We offer a variety of online yoga programs that you can take part in


Yoga Retreat

We offer various types of Yoga Retreat Program throughout the year


Online Classes

We offer various types of Yoga Online Classes throughout the year.

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Buy Yoga Posture Video

We offer various type of Yoga Posture Video to Buy

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200 Hours TTC

Program designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach yoga classes

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Means Of Happiness

Means Of Happiness

Means Of Happiness

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