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14 Days Rishikesh (For ₹18000)

Shiv Shakti Yoga Host the Various Types of Yoga Holiday Retreat 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and 21  Yoga Holiday Retreat. Shiv Shakti Organizes Yoga Holiday for those who would like a more relaxed and flexible schedule. Four yoga classes are offered per day on our yoga shala. 

Organic vegetarian Indian brunch and dinner are included in the price along with filtered, tea and coffee. You will get to understand the yogic way of life and that could lead you to discover that yogic practice. By joining the retreat program, you will transform your life into something more meaningful.

Guests are free to do whatever they like in their free time which may include swimming on the beach, shopping in town (an inexpensive 12km taxi ride away) or dining out at other resort restaurants within walking distance.

Shiv Shakti promises you the best yoga classes from basic to the advanced level. The positivity of the place shows you the bright side of life as well as help you to find inner peace. Yoga has profited millions of people around the world. People from around the globe have realized the importance of yoga and included it in their daily routine. Our vision to give beginners a basic and practical introduction to the path of yoga, what yoga is, and simple ways to bring yoga into daily life.

Daily Schedule

Online Classes

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7 Days Rishikesh

- Hathayog - ₹1050

-Vinyasayog -  ₹1250

-Ashtangayog - ₹1400

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11 Days Rishikesh

- Hathayog - ₹1650

-Vinyasayog -  ₹1950

-Ashtangayog - ₹2200

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20 Days Rishikesh

- Hathayog - ₹3000

-Vinyasayog -  ₹3500

-Ashtangayog - ₹4000

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30 Days Rishikesh

- Hathayog - ₹4500

-Vinyasayog -  ₹5200

-Ashtangayog - ₹6000


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